With Brightsky Energy Solutions, The Power Is in Your Hands

The Power of Choice Possibilities abound as the deregulated energy industry enters the open marketplace. Because everyone uses energy, the industry has become a prime business opportunity. With the creation of competition in an industry in which there once was none, customers can, for the first time, choose their energy provider. Several states are in various stages of deregulation.

Brightsky Energy Solutions works alongside seventy-five highly competitive suppliers in North America. If you’re looking to save money on electricity and natural gas, you may be able to cut costs by purchasing energy from a third-party energy supplier. Comparing energy products and pricing in the energy arena can be overwhelming, but your independent and unbiased energy consulting brokerage, Brightsky Energy Solutions, can lead you to the most competitive energy prices on the market. We always focus on obtaining the best outcome for our customers. If your energy contract is up for renewal or you have relocated, we can tailor an energy solution for you. We’ve been helping energy customers of all sizes reduce their energy costs for over a decade.


If you’re ready to have suppliers compete for your business through Brightsky Energy Solutions, start your free evaluation onboarding process with the following simple steps:



Looking for a great deal on your electricity service?

Brightsky Energy Solutions has several options for your electricity supply. We have something to suit any type of business and budget. In just a few steps you could start saving money every month by switching your energy supplier. We get suppliers to compete for your business in the energy exchange market. It’s a win–win situation: the supplier wants your business, and you get the best deal.

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Searching for the perfect natural gas plan?

Explore your natural gas options with Brightsky Energy Solutions. Our independent energy consultant will conduct a full energy analysis to source the best deal for your business. Switching suppliers through Brightsky Energy Solutions is easy, convenient, and secure. Our experts are up to date on regulations and tariffs, and know the ins and outs of negotiating contracts with suppliers. As a result, we can find the best deal for you.

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